Fantastic Detox Juice

This drink is full of juicy watermelon, which to me is so refreshing and acceptable on any occasion. It’s pairing with succulent apple, pear and strawberries really gives you a taste of summer. The twist of ginger give you a strong punch at the end, which for me is a necessity is any juice.

I use my ‘OMEGA VSJ843 Slow Juicer’ as I like juicing to be a quick process with little clearing up involved.  Of course you could use any juicer you have at home.  Alternatively you could use a blender and simply use a sieve after blending but this does take much more patience!

I know many people dislike using juicers due to the horrible pulp that it leaves behind, but i have a fantastic recipe to use up your left over pulp into muffins… You won’t waste a thing!


1/4 of a Large Watermelon, cut into small chunks
10 Large Strawberries, hulled
2 Red Apples, quartered
1 Pear, quartered
Thumb sized piece of Ginger


1.  Chop all the fruit into small enough pieces so it will fit into the juicer without any force.  If you are doing this is in a blender just roughly chop out the fruit to bite size pieces.
2. Begin to feed the fruit through the juicer until it has all gone.  If using a blender, i would recommend using some apple juice as the blender could find it difficult to blend them smoothly.
3. One the juice is all done, but the container which has the juice inside, into the fridge for roughly 30 minutes.  If using a blender, pass the thick pulp juice through a fine sieve into a jug while pressing a spatula as this helps squeeze the juice out.  Add a tablespoon of water or even your juice of choice, if the pulp is a little thick.  Place this into the fridge also.
4. This juice is best served cold, I personally like it with frozen watermelon, which act as ice but don’t allow you to loose the flavour.
5. Pour the juice into small glasses, with a strawberry on the side of the glass, and a straw.  Enjoy!!

Serving Size : 900ml of juice

-Deborah DOAF x

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