How to grow your own vegetables

Part 2

Tomatoes need sunshine, so choose an open, warm site. They do fantastically well in a greenhouse but you can gain very good results outside in a container against a warm wall. They need a well drained, fertile soil, that doesn’t dry out too quickly.
If growing in containers, use a specially formulated grow bag or good quality potting compost.
  • Plant out tomato plants using a stake for support.
  • Cut out any side shoots, as they appear to keep to a central stem.
  • Water and feed regularly  with a liquid tomato.
  • Pick the fruit as soon as they ripen.
  • If frost is forecast, harvest the tomatoes green and allow to ripen in doors.
  • Tomatoes are definitely best picked fresh but, if do need to store a glut, perhaps consider cooking, pulping and freeze for a burst of summer in the winter months.
We have lots of recipes using this base tomato sauce!
-Deborah DOAF x

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