Our Sunday Roast Tips

A Sunday roast to me is a meal that will heat you up from the inside out.  Many people are afraid of cooking a roast due to the amount of effort and time you have to put into it.  Therefore, i’m going to share with you of my tips and tricks to make it just that little bit easier.


1. Give yourself plenty of time

I always start cooking way before you think you have to. This gives you more time for any mistake that might occur, and trust me, something always goes wrong!

2. Chop and peel everything before

This is a great little trick as you save so much time, if you chop and peel your potatoes and vegetables before you start cooking you don’t find yourself in such a frenzy mid cooking while trying to get everything on the table at the same time.

3. Prepare all your meat rubs before

Just the same as above, if you pre mix and blend your meat rubs before you start cooking it just gives you that little bit extra time to sit down and relax while your food is cooking.

4. Make fresh and freeze sauces

If you make your sauces months in advance they can last up to three months in advance depending on how your deep freezer.  This is a great little hack I use everyday, as the sauces are frozen fresh you just defrost when needed.

5. Ultimate potatoes

The best trick I have ever learnt is how to make crispy, fluffy roast potatoes that are irresistible. Part boil your potatoes for 4 minutes.  Meanwhile add a good heap of Goose fat to your roasting tin and allow to heat up in the oven. Drain your potatoes and put them back into the pan with the lid on and shake them around.  Add a good sprinkle of plain flour and shake again.  Tip onto the roasting tin and cook for 1hour 40minutes. The slow roasting of the potatoes really gives it that crisp outer and a  soft fluffy inside.

6. Make your dessert ahead of time

If you’re like me and think crumble is a staple dessert for a Sunday roast then this little hack could be of use to you.  I always make my crumble the night before and at this time of the year I make my delicious Blackberry, Apple and Cherry crumble which can be found here: fail safe sunday crumble. Just reheat at 190C for 25 minutes when you need a little fix.

7. Easy cheesy cauliflower

A cauliflower cheese is another staple must have on my table.  Use a basic white sauce recipe, soak it onto the cauliflower florets.  Add another layer of cheese (yes this is necessary) and bake on 180C for 1 hour.  Slow cooking it this way really gives it that creamy and moreish desire.

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