Our Favourite Super Powders

At the foodies kitchen our aim is to find brand new alternative to sugars that actually taste nice! We know…Not all healthy stuff taste nice…Thats if you’re not used to it!

This is why we decided to tell you all our favourite powders that can be mixed into practically anything…Even children wont notice it’s there.

Sadly, the biggest back lash of being healthy is the price…Which is why we have done the comparing for you! We found the best value for money for all these powders is Amazon, or if your local Holland & Barrett is having a buy one get one 1/2 price, go on a money dash!

Now lets get started. We have chosen a top 5 list of powders that we find ourselves grabbing all the time. Some of these only Mum has and some of these only I have…As we do have different taste buds!


  1. Super-Cacao Powder

You’ve probably heard that there are health benefits associated with dark chocolate. Unfortunately, it’s not all that simple. Chocolate is good, but cocoa flavanols are good for you.

This powder is high in Flavanol. This fancy word Flavanol, is basically amazing and benefits to a healthy blood circulation, elasticity of arteries and helps maintain cardiovascular health.

It tastes very similar to very dark chocolate. Which safe to say I know many people do not like. The best way to add it to anything you desire is just use 1-2tsp and its perfect!


2.   Baobab Powder

Baobab powder is almost 50% fibre and is an excellent source of a vitamin C. A dose of this powder  contributes to normal energy release, immune function and to healthier looking skin.

This powder is incredibly unique as it has a interesting sherbet like flavour. This is amazing blended into smoothies and juices.


3.   Acai Powder

Many of you may now of heard of the wonderful berry acai, its become increasingly popular with the Instagram trend of acai smoothie bowl.

This grows in the rainforest and has an amazing purple colour. When it is ripe, the rich fruit is pulped and freeze-dried to provide an authentic flavour.

It is our favourite one in our eyes.. not just because of the colour but it included high amounts of fibre, potassium and mono-unsaturated fats. It helps improve Vitamin A, Calcium and Iron levels.

We personally love adding this to sorbets, just sprinkle over 10g worth!


4.   Natural Blends Organic Fruit

Organic fruit blend contains all the most amazing things! It has banana, goji berry, hemp protein, pineapple and acai powders!

As it has all these amazing super fruits and protein it’s extremely high in vitamin C and manganese, and just to top it all off rich in potassium, magnesium, fibre and source of protein. Honestly, what more could you want!

This will help muscle function, reduce tiredness and protection of cells from oxidative stress. Personally for me, this really works as a treat. I’m anaemic and ever since I have been using this i’ve really been noticing the difference. I just add 3 tsp to a cup with a little water to make a paste and then add to any juice I drink that day!


5.   Matcha Powder

This is one i’m sure most of you know about, and probably tasted ( yes we know, its not the nicest) this stuff really is good though, and doesn’t have to taste nasty.

The pure chimp super tea, is the best one for you! It will boost your metabolism and energy levels. This powder is purely Matcha green tea leaves ground into a fine powder and has a hint of delicate green tea flavour.

The best way to add this is to porridge with some agave nectar to sweeten.


-Charlotte DOAF x


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