A Birthday Feast

We love to throw a party. The decorating, the planning and of course the food.  The food is obviously the best part.  This time round we were planning a friends 53rd birthday, with him not suspecting a thing.


Although the day wasn’t as warm as the weather app said it would be, lets be honest the iPhone App hasn’t been on point the past week or so.. Although the weather has been 4 seasons in one day.. We cant blame them for getting it a little wrong.

On the morning of Fritz’s birthday, mum and I woke up nice and early to start decorating the room. I was out the night before.. So it was safe to say it was hard to wake up.. I always power through for a part-ay! I had found these rather funny balloons on amazon which I will link here, if you would like to use them for any adult friendly parties. We decorated the room in the morning due to fritz and a few other people were landing at Heathrow Airport at 11am after watching the football in France, and we wanted it to be an amazing surprise.


For this special occasion we made everything on the BBQ. If you’re following us on Instagram  you’d know we love any excuse for a barbie! If your not, you should! Our username is Desires_of_the_foodaholics [ahem self promotion] We learnt everything we know about cooking on the BBQ from an amazing course webber bbq’s did last year.  If you haven’t got the chance to go on the course, I highly recommend you getting this book. From this we adapted a few recipes to make them unique to us and the day was complete!

We will be putting up all the recipes we used on the BBQ party up this week so look forward to 1o new recipes! They’re all summery and yummy.. Of course! Enjoy some of our favourite photos of the day!

-Charlotte & Deborah x



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