Croatia – Dubrovnik



You might be looking at all those photos and thinking it may look a bit familiar. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, then you would be right! GOT does film a lot of scenes here.  This has made it a very popular tourist spot with being able to have a GOT tour everywhere you turn.  Personally, I enjoyed going on a speed boat more and looking around the more rural islands, which is called the Elaphite tour.

There is one thing you can’t knock about Dubrovnik is the oh so dreamy sea.  As my favourite colour is blue this is HEAVEN to my eyes.  I could spend all day swimming around in the crystal clear seas, exploring hidden caves and of course jumping off the cliff edges and screaming all the way down until I hit the water.  My favourite part of the whole trip was… (Hint. It actually wasn’t the food… I know shock, but that was also amazing!) exploring the blue cave.  If any of you have children or near the same age as me you might of heard of the show H20.  For people who don’t its all about mermaids, and me being a water lover this was my ultimate dream. The blue cave instantly reminded me of that show, so I got to bring out my inner mermaid for 20 minutes.


Now, this is probably what most of our readers want know, how good was the food!? Sadly, I couldn’t try a lot of the local cuisine as I am pretty allergic to seafood 😦 Although, I did go to a restaurant by the marina called otto taverna.  Oh my, I cannot praise this place enough.  The service was out of this world, the staff were incredibly happy and lovely.  The food was also out of this world.  I recommended anything on the menu, or ask the staff what food you like and they will set you the perfect meal.


– Charlotte x

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