Louis Vuitton – Perfume Launch 

Today is the day! Louis Vuitton have launched their first fragrance.. Well not their first but first for a very long time, it’s been about 70 years! Oh my the long long break was worth it.

They have created seven different Eaux de Parfums to take you on an unique and emotional journey. An immediate favourite for us has to be the Mille Feux, which is a mixture of leather and raspberry.

The fragrances have been designed to cater for different moods and occasions. This intricate creation has been two years in the making by master perfumer Jacques Cavallier.

He travelled the world with a custom made trunk filled to the brim with the purest oils he could have. Jacques Cavallier has been trained from the age of 8 which makes him able to distinguish from an astonishing 500 different scents.

In our personal opinion the new scents created for LV are truly beautiful. There are only 7 of the custom made trunks in the world. London, Bond Street do have one of these personalised trunks. They have been enlisted with no. 6.

The fragrances will be available only from Louis Vuitton.

– Deborah x

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