Hawaii – Maui


Aloha! In April I had the chance to visit the island of Maui in Hawaii which was fantastic as I had wanting to go and experience for a long time.  Well it certainly didn’t disappoint, which was good as from London it is a long journey and a big time difference!  I was in awe of the rugged beauty of the island and because it is situated near to the equator the sunrises and sunsets were truly spectacular.

I visited during spring break,  but when I return again I would like to go during February/ March to see the whales as I have been told its a must see.

If your a bit of a sports enthusiast or really like to get out and enjoy nature then Maui should be on your list of destinations to visit sometime.  The surfing is legendary and the beaches picture postcard with hardly a soul on the ones I visited… Not your thing? then you could go out hiking, running or even cycling.  For the cycling enthusiast there are fantastic organised tours which even the most experienced would find exhilarating.  Go to the top of the crater at 10k ft to see the sunrise and then be brought back in a van to 6.5k ft to cycle 23 plus mile downhill in some of the most breathtaking terrain.  As you can see from my pics I got to Zipline which is also very popular on Maui with some super places to keep even the most avid adrenalin junkies happy.

No trip to Maui would be complete without sampling the local food.  Maui’s abundance of locally grown fresh fruit and vegetable is an absolute delight.  There is definitely something about that volcanic soil.  Every meal was deliciously fresh and healthy and for someone like me who absolutely craves fruit and vegetables and worries a little when I go on vacation what will I get to eat, its a total pleasure.  Obviously, being an island, if sea food is your thing then you’re very well catered for as well.  Special note for the Hawaiian Ahu Tuna which you can sear on the local volcanic stone, well, it was the best tuna I have ever had 🙂

Would I go back?  you bet I would… there is so much to see and experience in the most beautiful surroundings even though it is a journey and a half from the U.K

– Deborah x







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