Italy – Milan



Milan was the perfect picture opportunity, the angles and the amazing views.  I used Milan as a start off for my photography project at university. So, that is why the first few photos are in black and white as Charlotte was using her medium format camera… and yes we had to develop these photos and scan them Charlotte’s laptop for all your eyes to see!

Luckily we have friends who live in Milan so they got to show us many amazing places. Our favourite places was Lake Como and Bergamo. Lake Como is situated in North Italy, and is known for it’s dramatic landscapes. Bergamo is situated in North East Italy, it is surrounded by cobble streets and has an amazing old cathedral.

In one of the photos above you can see a very interesting food picture.  This is a traditional dish in Italy.  You sit around the table and the table is lined with tin foil.  Then someone will pour polenta over the tin foil along with the meatballs and sauce.  No plates..Oh no, just forks, and dig right in!

– Deborah & Charlotte x




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