Coachella 2016

L.A. in April means one thing to me…….Coachella!!  An hour or so drive from L.A. to Palm Springs for the musical festival which for 2 weekends plays hosts to the best bands and D.J’s in the Colorado Dessert.  Unlike the U.K. you can guarantee that for this festival you won’t need to pack your wellies or waterproofs because it is going to be hot!

This year I made a trip out to L.A. to take in the vegan and vegetarian haunts to get inspo for our cooking.  It also meant that I could go to the second weekend of Coachella (lucky me)  as Ellie Goulding (Friday) Guns N Roses (Saturday) and Calvin Harris (Sunday) were Headlining.   Palm Springs in itself is a super interesting place full of quirky hotels, bars and restaurants.  The retro and kitsch feel of the place draws in loads of interesting people and is a must for any creative loving design, fashion or music. 

The food trucks of Coachella are just a draw as the live acts themselves.  Diverse and plentiful is the way to describe the food.  Obviously I’m really interested in the Vegan/ Vegetarian outlets and these were plentiful and creative. I couldn’t believe how good the quality of the food was produced.  Impressive and tasty is how I would describe it!

Back in L.A. after the music festival and there was plenty of opportunity to see more bands and to eat!  Taking in The Damned both at The Roxy in L.A and Coachella was cool as was seeing Iggy Pop at The Greek.  Lunching and dining at famous places like the Beverley Hills Hotel, The Bel Air and Nobu got us star watching as well.  To get out and about in L.A. and to experience the best of it you need a car.  In fact, you need a car with someone who knows the city!  Then you get the best out of it and get to do all the tourist haunts plus a whole load more.  Traffic is a problem in L.A. and travelling at rush hour can be time consuming and a bit of a bore.  Hence local knowledge is king! I don’t think there is really anywhere quite L.A. … it really is LaLa land where everyone you meet is an actor, model, producer …in or out of work.  Its sometimes just strange to be served by someone so strikingly beautiful who then tells you their “story”.  I guess ultimately everyone is trying to make it there or they have, which makes it a strange place in that respect!



– Deborah x


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